NOTICE: Owner/Operator Jeremiah Hussey is currently on Active Duty with the US military.
All projects are currently on hold until sometime late 2018. If you have a question, feel free to use the contact page.

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Specializing in Modular Ford engine builds with experience in 4.6, 5.0, and 5.4 2v, 3v, and 4v engines.

Modular Performance Solutions is a Motor sports shop for high performance enthusiast. We are proud to offer over 15 years of track and street oriented performance experience. We have built and raced many different combinations of Ford power plants, drive trains, and vehicles. We specialize in Modular engine building and repair and have been building 4.6/5.4 engines since 2000, and have worked on every other Ford gas engine along the way. We have extensive experience with SVT power plants, IRS cobras, Manual transmissions T-56/MT 82, Auto transmissions, proven 4r100 rebuilds with race proven results,C-4,C-6,Turbo 400, Power glide, etc. We are not simply engine oriented or race oriented.

We believe that Track proven performance by us results in better performance and durability for our customers. Similar to the way an OEM would test and stress their equipment beyond what a normal customer would to verify its durability, we do this so our customers don’t have to “find out the hard way”, and waste their hard earned money. Many years ago OEM manufacturers believed what won on Sunday sold on Monday, at MPS I still believe what we test and run hard successfully benefits even our street car customers with reliability and durability. We want to help you get your car down the track or down the street to your liking, if you want big dyno numbers your on the wrong website. (YES I DID SAY THAT).WHITE time slips are a great focus. (if you don’t race the white time slips are the ones the winner gets) I absolutely enjoy manual transmission cars and the unique challenges they present with chassis and parts life! I enjoy the challenge of getting the most out of a setup and I think that’s where you get the most value per dollar spent, and that’s taking care of the customer in my book.